Below are examples of some past and future events which support the ICRAR Translation and Impact strategy.

CIRA Open Day

On 2 August 2023 we will open our doors to students to showcase the variety of work being undertaken here at CIRA. With presentations, demonstrations, and an opportunity to chat to researchers and staff, this is an opportunity to explore the potential for studies in radio astronomy.

Check back soon for updates and registrations.

10 Years of MWA Operations

July 2023 is a significant milestone for the Murchison Widefield Array, marking a decade of operations for the telescope. To celebrate, ICRAR-Curtin is hosting an event to commemorate the science outcomes of the instrument with the MWA Collaboration.

Radio-astronomers are invited to attend Tuesday 25 July to Friday 28 July 2023 at Technology Park in Perth, Western Australia.

Our celebration will include talks from prominent, international radio astronomers, presentations outlining the latest in MWA science, social activities including tours of Perth’s astronomy facilities for in-person attendees, and a cocktail-style sundowner.

Register here:

Careers Workshop

This interactive workshop on 17 May 2023 aims to guide ICRAR students in communicating their transferable skills to different audiences.  For more information and registration please visit:

Student Industry Networking

A cross-node ICRAR T&I effort culminated in an in-person panel event for students of radio astronomy disciplines, with the dual aim of raising the profile of radio astronomy as a study pathway, and communicating the potential for non-academic career pathways beyond radio astronomy.

Students were invited to Engineers Australia’s (EA) newly designed premises on St Georges Terrace to hear from an expert panel of industry professionals with backgrounds in radio-astronomy related studies and roles.  The panel shared their career journeys, insights on transferring from academia to industry, and the relevance and application of their skills in a commercial context.  Q&A, and networking over refreshments followed, to facilitate the students forming deeper connections with the industry mentors.

Women In Physics

To help build community for first year physics students and highlight the female role models in physics, this event aimed to create awareness of radio astronomy pathways and how CIRA will play a role in their undergraduate studies including astronomy courses and research projects.

Spearheaded by Dr Gemma Anderson, this event welcomed a small group of first year physics and engineering students to CIRA, where they heard from PhD students and staff who work in different roles at CIRA, including astronomy researchers, engineers, laboratory technicians and project managers.

Following a casual afternoon tea meet and greet, presenters showcased their work props such as 3D printed radio telescopes and MWA dipoles. Students were then treated to soldering demonstrations and discussions about the variety of different areas which feed into radio astronomy.

Engineers Australia Chapter Visit

Members from the Engineers Australia Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering Chapter visited CIRA for an expo-style showcase of relevant Curtin Engineering capabilities.

With special guests from Curtin’s Binar team, a showcase of Digital Artistry depicting animations of complex radio astronomy technologies and techniques, a demonstration of electromagnetic simulations, and a tour of the specialised test facility for observing directed energy effects on electronic devices and systems, visitors were left suitably impressed by the diversity of the tangential and complementary engineering capabilities supporting radio astronomy.