Projects for International and Domestic students:

International Designing Massive Phased Antenna Arrays for Future Wireless Communication Systems Maria Kovaleva APPLY HERE
International Developing novel algorithms and approaches for beamforming and pulsar searching in the SKA era Ramesh Bhat APPLY HERE
International and Domestic Hunting black holes and neutron stars in star clusters Arash Bahramian APPLY HERE
International and Domestic Planetary Science projects using the Desert Fireball Network, LSST, DREAMS and more Hadrien Devillepoix APPLY HERE
Domestic Hunting for the Cosmic Dawn Cathryn Trott APPLY HERE 
Domestic Detecting Cosmic Web in emission using the MAGPI Survey Anshu Gupta APPLY HERE
Domestic Monster Black Holes Across Cosmic Time Nick Seymour APPLY HERE
Domestic Novel transient radio sources in MWA surveys Natasha Hurley-Walker APPLY HERE
Domestic Understanding the host galaxies of fast radio bursts Marcin Glowacki APPLY HERE
Domestic All-sky real-time searches for low-frequency Fast Radio Bursts Marcin Sokolowski APPLY HERE
Domestic A PanRadio view of the most powerful cosmic explosions Gemma Anderson APPLY HERE
Domestic A multi-year analysis of Radio Frequency Interference from a radio quiet location: preparation for a radio astronomy mission to the lunar far side of the moon Steven Tingay APPLY HERE