ASKAP detection of FRB 200430

Authors: P. Kumar (Swinburne University of Technology, SUT), C. K. Day (SUT) R. M. Shannon (SUT)  S. Bhandari (CSIRO), H. Qiu (Sydney University) on behalf of the ASKAP-CRAFT collaboration.

 We report the detection of a Fast Radio Burst (FRB) with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP), as part of the Commensal Real Time Fast Transient (CRAFT) survey science project. The burst, FRB 200430, was detected with a reported signal to noise ratio of 16 in the incoherent sum of 26 antennas.  The system was operating with a central frequency of 864.5 MHz, an observing bandwidth of 336 MHz, and a time resolution of 1.7 ms.

A preliminary localization using the multi beam approach described in Bannister et al. (2017, ApJL, 841,12). The properties of the burst are as follows:

  • Date: 2020-04-30.65959383
  • UTC: 15:49:48.907
  • RA (J2000): 15:19(1)
  • DEC (J2000): 12:20(14)
  • DM: 380.1(4) pc cm-3
  • Fluence: 35(4) Jy ms

Quoted uncertainties are with 90% confidence.

The burst was detected at a Galactic latitude of 52.5 deg. and a Galactic longitude of 17.1 deg. Galactic dispersion measures in this direction are modelled to be 27 pc cm-3 (Cordes & Lazio, arXiv:0207156) and 26 pc cm-3 (Yao et al., 2017, ApJ, 835,29).

A plot of the dynamic spectrum of the burst co-added from 3 beams is shown below: