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Recognising that the SKA will be built largely by industry, CIRA has formed alliances with a number of industry partners in the LFAA and CSP domains.  In fact, half of the Australian Government funds won by CIRA are channelled to industry, supporting collaborative developments in crucial areas of SKA engineering and logistics.

For example, in the LFAA work package, three companies will deliver critical prototypes and design reports:

  • Balance Utility Solutions – a Perth company, will specify power options for the remove LFAA and associated systems.
  • Kaelus – based in Brisbane, will provide a precision beam-former needed to allow CIRA to characterise the LFAA verification systems to the standard required for the SKA Critical Review Design in 2016.

All of this involvement is the result of CIRA’s ability to participate in, and in some cases, guide, Australian and international pre-construction architecture deliberations and legal framework development.