Development committee

Mission statement

The CIRA Development Committee provides advice to the CIRA Director. Its aims are to foster an environment where all staff can flourish irrespective of role, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, etc. It recognises that a way to promote diversity and representation, at all levels, is through development and support of existing, and future, staff and students. It draws resources from the University and elsewhere to provide initiatives to develop CIRA’s talent and to improve the overall working environment. The committee is also a portal to provide advice for academic and non-­academic staff on career development, progression, and recognition.

Aims of the development committee

  • Advise the Director on ways that CIRA can help support academic and non-­academic career development options, both at CIRA and externally, for staff and students.
  • Elicit opinion and feedback from the wider Institute community on issues of diversity, development and working environment, as well as other issues of concern to the members of the Institute.
  • Connect to initiatives and resources at Curtin, and within the broader astronomy and engineering communities, in the areas of diversity and personnel development.
  • Improve the diversity of staff, students, visitors and speakers.
  • Monitor and publicise demographics of the institute, issues of diversity, and career development.
  • Encourage and support participation at events and workshops, etc., and on committees, that further the mission of the committee.

Current development committee members

Dr Adelle Goodwin Astronomy Chair SHE/HER
Dr Budi Juswardy Engineering Vice Chair HE/HIM
Mawson Sammons Astronomy Student Rep, Scribe HE/HIM
Dr Anshu Gupta Astronomy Member SHE/HER
Susmita Sett Astronomy Member SHE/HER
Kariuki Chege Astronomy Member HE/HIM
Mia Walker Engineering Member SHE/HER
Steve Prabu Astronomy Member HE/HIM


CIRA staff and students can find additional resources on the internal CIRA wiki.