Extragalactic radio astronomy



A unique astrophysical labroratory in our extra-Galactic backyard Centaurus A Dr Benjamin McKinley
Absolute flux density measurements of southern sky Dr Marcin Sokolowski
Advanced Calibration and Imaging with the MWA Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker
Finding powerful radio galaxies at their birth Dr Nick Seymour
Finding Ultra-high-Redshift Radio Galaxies Using GLEAM Dr Jess Broderick
GLEAM-X Exploring the Universe in Radio Colour Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker
HI absorption in high-z radio galaxies Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker
How do powerful radio galaxies affect their environment Dr Nick Seymour
Lunar-Orbiting Radio array Simulations Dr Benjamin McKinley
Monitoriing low-frequency radio for sky transients Dr Marcin Sokolowski
Opening a window on the ionised interstellar medium of nearby galaxies Dr John Morgan
Searching for transients and varialbes in the GaLactic and Extragalacti All-Sky MWA GLEAM surveys Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker
Simulating all-sky MWA observations using WODEN Dr Jack Line
Testing Cosmology with Next generation radio survey Dr Nick Seymour
The evolution of Black holes across cosmic time Dr Nick Seymour
The far-infrared to radio corelation of star forming galaxies at low frequencies Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker
Tracing past radio AGN activity in the BASS sample Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker
Tracing star formation across cosmic time with radio surveys Dr Nick Seymour
Transient and variable AGN fromn the ASKAP VAST Survey Dr Jess Broderick
Unravelling the Nature of Local Starburst Galaxies Dr Nick Seymour
Unsupervised clusters of the Extragalactic Universe Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker
Variability of Radio Galaxies at low radio frequencies Dr Nick Seymour