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Conferred Students

NameAwardThesis TitleAward Year
Dr Chittawan ChoeysakulPhDCharacterisation of a Reverberation Chamber Model for Electromagnetic Emission Measurements2016
Dr Timothy ColegatePhDSystem Design for the Square Kilometre Array: New Views of the Universe2012
Dr Phil CrosbyPhDSuccess in Large High Technology Projects: What really works2013
Dr John GoldsmithPhDCosmos, Culture and Landscape, Cultural and Indigenous astronomical knowledge2014
Ms Claire HotanMPhilTesting Potential New Sites for Optical Telescopes in Australia2011
Mr Aziz JiwaniMPhilConical Spiral Antennas for the Square Kilometre Array - A Feasibility Study2014
Dr Kevin KoayPhDInterstellar and Intergalactic Scattering as Astrophysical Probes2013
Mr Christopher LordMPhilA Low Frequency Array of Simple Radio Telescopes for the Detection of Solar X-Ray and Radio Flares and the Study of the Ionosphere2014
Dr Aquib MoinPhDRapid Response Monitoring of Transient Radio Emission Associated With Gamma-Ray Bursts and Circinus X-12011
Mr Mehran MossammaparastMPhilA Radiometric Receiver for Measuring Red-Shifted 21cm Emission from the Epoch of Reionisation2014
Mr Samuel OronsayeMPhilStudies of the Crab Giant pulses with the Murchison Widefield Array2016
Ms Divya PalaniswamyMPhilThe High Resolution Dynamic Radio Sky2014
Dr Haihua QiaoPhDAccurate OH maser positions from SPLASH: Understanding the origins of OH masers with an unbiased survey2017
Dr Hayden RampadarathPhDApplications of Wide-Field VLBI2014
Dr Tom RussellPhDThe connection between inflow and
outflow around accreting stellar-mass
black holes
Dr Balwinder Singh AroraPhDIonospheric Modeling for low frequency radioastronomy2017
Dr Chenoa TremblayPhDA Search for Molecules at Low Frequency with the Murchison Widefield Array2018