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Early Career

Focuses on scientists early in their post-doctural career.

  • The Louise Webster Prize recognition of outstanding research by a scientist early in their post-doctoral career, this is awarded on the basis of the scientific impact a single research paper, which has the applicant as first author. The research paper can be in any area of astronomy or closely related field. This Prize in intended for work carried out primarily after completion of a post graduate degree. DECEMBER 2019
  • The Ruby Payne-Scott Award for excellence in early-career research recognises contributions made by a physicist who is just beginning their career and to help promote the careers of exceptionally promising young physicisits
  • Young Tall Poppy Awards recognises the achievements of Australian scientists through the prestigious annual Young Tall Poppy Science Awards. The Campaign’s Tall Poppies engages the winners of Young Tall Poppy Science Awards (‘Tall Poppies’) in activities to promote interest in science among school students and teachers, as well as an understanding and appreciation of science in the broader community.